Where to go in Autumn: Kyoto

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I love Kyoto, it is an amazing place with many temples and shrines. During Autumn however it is absolutely amazing with the bright and colourful trees. During my stay at Kyoto, I traveled to Nanzen Temple, Nijo Castle and many other places.

Below are some photos I hope you will like:


Working in Japan without a Bachelor’s Degree

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I came to Japan and found work without a Bachelor degree. I am now currently teaching English at many public schools.
To begin with I am Australian not American, my situation is a little different to everyone else. I am 22 years old :D and I arrived in Japan with a work holiday visa. The USA doesn’t provide work holiday visas however if you came as a student and found part time work it could be important.

For those who are not American. Work holiday visa means you can stay in one country for one year and a half (Australia Work Visa). This is only available in each country once.

To be very honest you need to be very prepared for a trip in Japan for an extended amount of time. It isn’t cheap and it isn’t a smooth road. There will be some requirements.

Requirements –
Resume qualifications – any experience teaching, looking after children and education. To be honest you need some or something that makes you look worth hiring.

Money – Coming to Japan is very expensive. You first need to pay large deposits for air travel, accommodation, a mobile phone if you want one and etc. First month of work you don’t get paid till the end of the following month.
Remember you need Alien Registration card and other things to move into Japan.

Visa – Coming to Japan on a tourist visa will get you into the country but you can not work. If you think you can do something other then teaching, I would recommend trying to get a job at the snow fields or working at the summer resorts during summer.

In Japan you may get a short work visa at the snowfields. There are many types of work visas. This work visa will not allow you to teach though. I had Australian friends with no qualifications at all doing this. After snow season try to get a teaching job. It isn’t easy but they will be hiring just before spring.

Questions to ask yourself.
Can you speak Japanese?
Can you read Japanese?
Do you know friends in Japan to help you?
Do you have a TEFL or TESOL Certificate?

Why do you want to visit Japan? There are many countries in the world which need English talent.
I personally don’t count liking Anime or Video games as reasons because a lot of people say these are there reasons.

I hope this gives some insight. Let me be clear the road you are picking is not an easy one but it is a fun one. It took me 5 months to find a teaching job and I love it.

The Pokemon Center

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The Pokémon Center is a specialist store for Pokémon goods, and can be found in 6 locations – Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Yokohama and Sapporo. With the  wide range of original Pokémon Center goods. The most popular items are found at the Pokémon Center.

Official Pokemon Centre Website: (English version) http://www.pokemon.co.jp/gp/

Official Pokemon Centre Website: (にほん) http://www.pokemon.co.jp/gp/

The Amazing & Wonderful Ghibli Museum

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The Ghibli Museum is a must see when you come to Japan (Tokyo) focused on short animated films. The Ghibli Museum is a portal to a storybook world. Studio Ghibli created art that brings the child out of all of us.

Films such as Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo by the cliff on the sea and Princess Mononoko are all fantastic examples of animated art with the museum being no exception to the creation by Studio Ghibli. Inorder to see this amazing place you need to book the tickets through Lawson – a conivence store chain located across Tokyo.

Official Ghibli Website: http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/welcome/

Offical Ghibli Studio Website: http://www.onlineghibli.com/

Cheap electronics, games, books and etc

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The place which I am going to refer to is a second hand store within the district of Akihibara and has a wide number of branches within Japan. The Chainstores are known as Bookoff, Modeoff, Hardoff and etc. These places are exceptional in finding items that you may need at a cheap price ranging from House furniture, video games to books and clothing.

Akihibara’s Bookoff:

A nationwide chain specializing in secondhand books, DVDs, manga and video games, the store with the amusing name  has earned its reputation by offering their customers premium used items at very attractive prices.  This policy of good value for money is carried over to their games and portable game consoles section.

Chainstore website: http://www.hardoff.co.jp/ (In Japanese)

Location: If your in Akihibara station: look for the gigantic signs on one of their tall buildings. It aint hard too find

Finding those hidden 300 bars

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As we all know Tokyo is an expensive city and can be difficult for backpackers trying to make the most of their time. This post is in dedication to those  300 Yen bars.

Ginza 300 Yen bar:

Within Ginza is a great bar. Fantastic for a few start up drinks, cost effective to the backpacker in a very expensive part of Tokyo.

What you will find are cheap prices to an amazingly large selection of alcohol. Ginza’s 300 Yen Bar serves over 100 cocktails, as well as shots, beer, and small dishes to soak up all that liquor. The best thing about these drinks though, and the reason the bar has its name, is that they all cost only 300 yen.

300 Bar
5-9-11 Ginza , B1
Tokyo, Japan 160-0023
phone: +81 3 3572 6300

web: http://www.300bar.com/english/

Next up is the Coins bar in Shibuya:

The Coins bar is a great way to start the night and save money on drinks. Those savings go a long way if the party is going to last all night or move to a big nightclub later.

The bar itself is small and simple with its décor, but has a great atmosphere to start the night. In a backpackers mind fun times with friends, cheap drinks and food, a DJ spinning various music is a fantastic way to start an EPIC night .

Noah Shibuya Bldg, 36-1 Udagawacho , Shibuya-ku
03 3463 3039