Finding those hidden 300 bars

As we all know Tokyo is an expensive city and can be difficult for backpackers trying to make the most of their time. This post is in dedication to those  300 Yen bars.

Ginza 300 Yen bar:

Within Ginza is a great bar. Fantastic for a few start up drinks, cost effective to the backpacker in a very expensive part of Tokyo.

What you will find are cheap prices to an amazingly large selection of alcohol. Ginza’s 300 Yen Bar serves over 100 cocktails, as well as shots, beer, and small dishes to soak up all that liquor. The best thing about these drinks though, and the reason the bar has its name, is that they all cost only 300 yen.

300 Bar
5-9-11 Ginza , B1
Tokyo, Japan 160-0023
phone: +81 3 3572 6300


Next up is the Coins bar in Shibuya:

The Coins bar is a great way to start the night and save money on drinks. Those savings go a long way if the party is going to last all night or move to a big nightclub later.

The bar itself is small and simple with its décor, but has a great atmosphere to start the night. In a backpackers mind fun times with friends, cheap drinks and food, a DJ spinning various music is a fantastic way to start an EPIC night .

Noah Shibuya Bldg, 36-1 Udagawacho , Shibuya-ku
03 3463 3039


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