Cheap electronics, games, books and etc

The place which I am going to refer to is a second hand store within the district of Akihibara and has a wide number of branches within Japan. The Chainstores are known as Bookoff, Modeoff, Hardoff and etc. These places are exceptional in finding items that you may need at a cheap price ranging from House furniture, video games to books and clothing.

Akihibara’s Bookoff:

A nationwide chain specializing in secondhand books, DVDs, manga and video games, the store with the amusing name  has earned its reputation by offering their customers premium used items at very attractive prices.  This policy of good value for money is carried over to their games and portable game consoles section.

Chainstore website: (In Japanese)

Location: If your in Akihibara station: look for the gigantic signs on one of their tall buildings. It aint hard too find


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