Australian Ninja

G’Day! I’m Ian and this site is mostly about my experiences while I’m in Japan.

Quickly jumping back to my past.

I am an average Australian who drinks beer and likes to travel. I came to Japan to learn a new language, travel and teach English.  Since 2010 I have choosen a path that I have no expertise in… backpacking 🙂

Fast forward to now:
Japan is awesome! I have a round trip ticket but I’m not sure what happened to that return ticket. I don’t speak much Japanese yet but I’m working on it.

Why did I start the Australian ninja site?
I didn’t speak Japanese when I arrived, and I didn’t know many Japanese people that spoke fluent English so I started this site to entertain myself. I decided to write stuff on what ever interests me most or could be useful to future backpackers. Maybe it’ll help somebody out or at least give them a good laugh or ‘What the…’ look on their face.

Life is what you make it! Time to learn the ways of Japan.


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